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Cuckoo Net Roll Call

  1. Play Cuckoo Clock

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Announce the net

" This is name, callsign for the Santa Barbara Amateur Radio Club Cuckoo Net "

Read trivia question or ask
if a member has a trivia question.
* Read trivia 2 times *

Call roster (early members)

KE6HVJ Matt (Mobile)

WY8J Jose (Mobile)


Ask if anyone wants to
check in early

Continue calling roster

K6BPM Brian (Riviera)

AG6LJ John (Riviera)

K6YVJ Jorden (Santa Ynez)

K9KBX Dave (Sycamore Cyn)

KC6IQZ Colman (East Montecito)

K6FLD Frank (Carpentaria)

K6DSO Dorothy (5-Points)

KC6CBB Mike (Channel Islands)

K6VQN Kat (E. Ventura)

Re-read trivia for latecomers

Finish calling roster

KA6RPN JoAnn (SB Mesa)

WB6OBB Dennis (SB Mesa)

K6LCM Levi (Mobile)

K6QD Mike (Mobile)

Kathie (SB)

N6CPN Chuck (SB)

W6CGE Les (Mesa)

KN6CKG Les (Camarillo)

W0JFB Michael (Monterey Pines)

KD9KMZ Al (Downtown)

AE6EG Jim (Goleta)

KN6IMJ Debbie (Buellton)

KN6MUZ Nico (Lower Riviera)

W6EW Doc (Santa Barbara)

K6WWO Bill (Mobile)

AG6JP Jean (Carpinteria)

KK4MQK Tim (Mobile trucker)

K6WWO Bill (Mobile)

WW6T Greg (Santa Barbara)

Ask if there are any late
check-ins or visitors

Get or give answer to trivia
(if any)

Announce upcoming events
(if known)

Close the net